I’m happy to announce that the Fireseeds’ journey is far from over. The second book in the Architects Of The Illusion series, The Great Scourge, is due in paperback and Kindle formats within the first half of 2014, preferably first-quarter.

In plain speak, that means I hope to roll it out before the end of March; the actual novel text is complete and in post-production. However, if the worst happens, then summer 2014 is as late as I want to go. In the meantime, consider this open season on promotional material, including possibly an advance scene or two (if you’re good).

I’m also happy to announce that the cover artwork for The Great Scourge will once again be helmed by Robert Stjärnström (@Stjarnstrom), whose excellent work on Seed Of Treachery can be seen here, and without spoiling too much, I can guarantee you that TGS is going to have one stellar cover.

As planned, The Great Scourge will be released through Createspace’s production-on-demand model, ensuring that there will never be such a thing as “out of stock”.

And all of that means that there’ll never be a better time to snag a copy of Seed Of Treachery, the first Architects book, at Amazon or Createspace for a physical copy, and Kindle for digital.


Last but not least, I want to wish you a merry Christmas, or whatever is making you happy this time of year. While we tear into our multicolour wrapping paper, living around Toronto has helped to remind me of the things that we all need, but we never truly think about until we go without: a warm hearth, hot food and comfort. It’s a cliché, but as of yesterday, approximately one-third of people in the greater Toronto area could enjoy none of those things in their own homes thanks to the ice storm mowing down power lines. We in fact took in friends and relatives as our home was one of the fortunate ones, but I think it’s worth shouting-out to every Red Cross volunteer at the heat centers in the city who were able to keep warm those who had nowhere else to go, as well as the linepeople who cancelled their holidays and who are still working through the nights to bring everyone back on the grid. Cheers, fellas.

My family tends to celebrate a “Western Traditional” Christmas, with the big tree and the ornaments and presents, but there’s a whole lot of cultural layers there that I think are worth unpacking and analyzing (another time). I’m not much for the religious angle, but any time of year where people are actively encouraged to be less of a dingus to their neighbor is alright by me. But don’t just pull together and help your fellow just because the Christmas movie marathons send that message. Pull together and help your fellow every month of the year because that’s just how it should be.

Happy Christmas, everyone.

Architects Of The Illusion part 2 coming soon!

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