Hey! This post is doing something a little different, in that I’m here today to promote an excellent new resource for authors and readers alike. If you’ve peered into this part of my site, you may have seen me namedrop Sneak Peek, which as it was, was a site for giving readers an opportunity to peer into selected snippets from books, to get a glimpse (or, one might say…a sneak peek) into the action before you decide whether to drop your hard-earned cash.

Well, the owner and operator of Sneak Peek has decided to up his game in a big way: the new site is expected to go live on April 25th, and it will function as a whole new hub for authors to interface with readers in some really cool ways, including exclusive promotions, deals and so much more!

The in-progress link at the moment is right here! Head in, browse around and offer feedback if you’d like through the Wix feedback system. Share with your friends, your family, your dog and your parakeet, because this platform deserves as strong a launch as we can give it.

As for me? I have the very first Author Insight slot on the new Sneak Peek, where I take a scene from the second Architects Of The Illusion book, The Great Scourge, and I do something we don’t tend to see often with literature: creator commentary! I’ll save the main promo of that until the site goes live, but you’ll probably be able to find it if you’re browsing around the site in its pre-release form.

I hope you’ll join us, readers and writers alike. We can all help make this as awesome as it should be!

New author/reader initiative: Sneak Peek 2.0
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