Video games are a relatively new form of narrative in the grand scheme of things, and for quite a while, they were seen by society at large as less like stories, and more like toys, or a ‘geek hobby’, instantly condemned to be stratified below more “adult” pursuits (whatever that happens to mean at the time).

Fortunately for us, we live in an era where ‘geek’ is the new black: comic book movies are the all-ages summer blockbusters, computer knowledge has become an essential facet of everyday life, and video gaming is well on its way to shedding the stigma of being “kids’ stuff”.

So the purpose of this blog is to shine a light on video games in a way that presents them on the same level as their more time-tested peers. I want to treat a solid, well-written game in the same manner that one might give accolades to a well-written Scorcese or Spielberg picture.

The first few entries actually pertain to a university class in specific, and so they will be focused on how certain games speak to ‘classic’ American, Westernized narratives. But after that’s said and done, who knows just where we’ll go?

Mission statement

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